National Dealer Satisfaction Award

Marine Industry CSI Program Expands to Include the National Dealer Satisfaction Award

The Marine Industry CSI program, administered by AVALA Marketing Group, announced the expansion of the program to include a National Dealer Satisfaction Award. The National Dealer Satisfaction Awards program recognizes marine dealerships who rate 90% or higher in overall customer satisfaction in the sales and service category.

Dealers can be recognized with a Marine Industry National Dealer Satisfaction Award if the following guidelines are met:

In 2017, the program will expand to include a dealer portal, in which dealers can access aggregated satisfaction data for all the brands they carry in the Marine Industry CSI program.



The guidelines governing the Marine Industry National Dealer Customer Satisfaction (CSI) Award Program are outlined below. Before receiving an award and utilizing any CSI Program logos, each qualifying company must have acknowledged in writing adherence to the following guidelines:

  1. The Customer will be notified on the status of qualification under separate cover.
  2. The Award Period is described as 1/1 - 12/31.
  3. The spirit of the dealer category of the Marine Industry Customer Satisfaction Award Program is to elevate the importance of customer satisfaction at the dealership level and to recognize industry best practices in a positive manner.
  4. Dealers must receive a minimum of 10 customer responses in total or five customer responses from one brand to be considered for the Marine Industry CSI Award. BRANDS THAT ARE NOT IN THE FULL MARINE INSDUTRY CSI PROGRAM ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR CALCULATION OR ASSOCIATED RECOGNITION WITH THIS AWARD PROGRAM.
  5. Participants are STRICTLY PROHIBITED from publicly announcing in any manner (via press release, web site, newsletters, booth signage, etc.) that they are a recipient of the program year Marine Industry CSI Award until after the announcement is formally made by the NMMA.
  6. After formal announcement of the Program Year Awards, participants are only permitted to promote the award and utilize the Marine Industry CSI Award materials and logo through one full calendar year after the award is acknowledged. Award winners for the 2016 program can promote award attainment though December 31, 2017 or until the next award announcement is made.
  7. Participants will be prohibited from announcing their individual scores in conjunction with the Marine Industry CSI Award Program. The Award is intended only to acknowledge dealers which have achieved a certain standard of satisfaction (in this case, an average score of 90 or above for Award Period boats with a minimum number of returned surveys in the category). It is not intended to support claims that any dealer is "best" or "better" than any other dealer.
  8. NMMA will only confirm the names of dealers that have qualified for the Marine Industry CSI Award and the categories in which they qualified. NMMA will not release or discuss the individual scores of any award recipients.
  9. NMMA will not publicly list or confirm the names of dealers participating in the NMMA CSI Program which did not qualify for the Award. If questioned, NMMA will not confirm the reasons a dealer did not qualify for the Award (either due to insufficient responses, or scores, etc.)
  10. Award recipients are NOT permitted to release the names of, or refer in any manner, to other dealers participating in the Marine Industry CSI Award Program unless doing so in conjunction with sister dealers and divisions wholly owned by a single corporate entity, and who are also current Award recipients.
  11. The term "Winner" is not to be used in any manner in conjunction with the Marine Industry CSI Award. Dealers are only permitted to say they are "Recipients" of the National Dealer Satisfaction Award or that they were "Recognized" in the Marine Industry CSI Awards Program. Recipients may not claim that their products or company are "best" or "better" than any other.
  12. The Awards will be announced for the categories (Overall Satisfaction in Sales, Overall Satisfaction in Service) in which they were earned. A dealer may only promote the Award in conjunction with boats or engines in these categories. When publicizing the Award, dealers must ALWAYS INCLUDE THE CATEGORY name in which they received the Award.
  13. Dealers may not in any way infer that the Award is related to boat lines/products that did not specifically qualify for the Award.
  14. Any company in violation of these guidelines will be disqualified from any future award recognition and excluded from future participation in the Marine Industry CSI Award Program.
  15. All dealers must sign a document to be supplied at time of award announcement that they have read, understand and will adhere to these rules. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of any award recognition.